Cyprus WillsIt is important to recognise that following a death, the legal and administrative procedures in Cyprus are not the same as those in the United Kingdom. The consequence of passing away without a valid Will can be serious. 

If you are considering moving to Cyprus or if you now live in Cyprus it is most important that you review the provisions of your existing Will (if you have one) and take legal advice to ensure you have the correct measures in place for your next of kin to deal with all your assets on your death.

If you own a property in Cyprus in joint names with your spouse, on your death your share of the property will not automatically pass to your surviving spouse. Therefore, you need to have a valid Will in place to express your wishes.  

Making a Will is not expensive and it is something that everyone should do sooner rather than later. By making a Will, you decide what happens to your property and possessions after your death.

We have fixed fees for the preparation of basic Wills to cover the distribution of your assets in Cyprus. We can also prepare or update existing Wills with regard to any assets you have in England & Wales.

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Important Notice

Please see an important notice regarding changes that may affect your existing Will.